Event Catering

We’re a family run event catering company, based in the heart of Colchester, Essex.

Our passion for feel good food for everyone arose from the youngest member of our family, being Type 1 Diabetic and Coeliac. Trying to tell a 9 year old that they can’t eat what everyone else is eating doesn’t go down well. We wanted to make her feel included and to enjoy food like we all do.

And so, Full Filled was born.

Street Food

Street food started in Asia and it’s now taking off in the UK.

Traditionally street food traders, set up shop on the pavement and sell their wares to passers by.  

Here in the UK there’s plenty of markets from our local market in Colchester to Camden Market. We’re ready to get involved. If you’re looking for a new trader to add some individuality to your market, read more about us below. 

Wedding Catering

If you’re looking for more of a casual dining experience for your special day, we’re your guys. Whether you’d like your guests to come and order with us directly or have table service, we’ll ensure that your day runs smoothly and without a hitch. 

Feel Good Food

First and foremost, we love good food. We wouldn’t serve anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

Quality, variety and traceability come into everything we do with our food. We strive through our ethos of inclusivity, to reach as many people as possible so they can experience and enjoy our offerings. 

Sample Menu


Mouthwatering, tasty goodness lies ahead. Take a look at our sample menus to get an idea of what food we can offer for your event. 

We are constantly experimenting and engineering new food ideas. We love food so much, as soon as we find something tasty we can’t wait to let you try it!